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At AMP Smoking we elevate women and all other Cannabis consumers. Yes, you got it: we get high. Not to escape our realities. We love our lives. We know you love yours too (even if right now you may not be able to see it). Cannabis will make it better. We get high with intention. We smoke with intention. We consume with intention. That’s what we truly believe in. Are you ready? We’ve got you.

At AMP Smoking we heal the world. Ambitious? Possibly. We started with ourselves, then took care of our loved ones. Now it’s your turn, your friends’, your family’s, your people’s turn. Your turn to spread the love, your turn to heal, your turn to make your life this much better.

At AMP Smoking we educate you on the benefits of Cannabis. All of them. You may already know them, and that makes us so happy. Our material, created with love, can help your friends, family, colleagues, discover all the benefits of this wonderful plant, and all the ways it can help them and those around them. We know you and/or your loved ones may not be where we are today, we accept that. It all starts with education. Facts. Evidence. Stories. People like me, people like you, people like others. Sharing the love for all to benefit. It starts with Education.

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