• Being in a relationship with a non-smoker

    “Does your boyfriend smoke weed?” Is what I am often asked by new friends who are starting to get to know me (ie. Cannabis smoker me). “Not really” is usually my answer. Because the truth is, he doesn’t really smoke weed. While I smoke every day he rarely does. He turns down all the joints …

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  • Why I love Cannabis Tea + My Very Own Sleepy Tea Recipe

    My Why. Firstly I feel obliged to say: I LOVE HERBAL TEAS. There is not one day I will go to bed without my cup of tea and joint. From a very young age, I’ve been drinking Verveine from the garden as a calming tool in the evenings. I was speaking to a friend recently …

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  • My cat ate my weed

    Shortly after I moved to Amsterdam I decided to grow a few plants on my balcony. I was really lucky to get myself a beautiful, large and sunny apartment with a nice balcony overlooking the canal, and it seemed like the right time for me to bring new life into this world. Nothing too fancy [...] More  →
  • Cannabis as an icebreaker

    A tale of Hawaiian roadside hospitality “Oh, you’re from Amsterdam? So cool!’ Is the standard reply I get when I am traveling and telling people where I am from. Mainly because of the next thing that comes to mind. ‘You guys can smoke weed and stuff.’ Yes, we can. ‘But I don’t smoke’, is my [...] More  →
  • I tried Ganja Yoga

    Should you, too? When I told friends and colleagues I had signed up for a Ganga Yoga class, it was met by a few giggles, a couple pairs of goggly, stary eyes (the ones that say: “are you mental, woman?!”), and a lot of questions. Why would I do such a thing? And when is [...] More  →
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