• woman in the city, urban life, night time

    Her Urban Owning

    The urban concrete cube she owned started to own her, insomnia made each corner seem to now point inwards like intrusive fingers approaching while accusing her,   The loud over-encumbered street, the neighbours, in every direction marching feet, felt like a metallic woodpecker pecking, her energy it succeeded at wrecking,   The 24-hour news cycle …

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  • hemp leaves

    Hemp and its benefits that will change your life!

    Hemp comes from an industrial strain of the Sativa plant. It has been used for numerous applications over the past century, ranging from food to fabrics, to jewellery. While hemp shares the same base plant as regular cannabis, it is bred in such a way that limits it THC production. This means that it maintains …

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  • Tampons, PMS, CBD for PMS, Cannabis for PMS

    Let CBD ease your PMS

    Cannabis, in all its many forms, has been known to have significant health benefits, from decreasing chronic pain to calming anxiety. Thus it is no surprise that cannabis can be infinitely helpful when it comes to managing your period and everything it entails. As women, we have all experienced some form of Pre-Menstrual Syndrome (PMS) …

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  • cannabis party, going with the flow


    I arrived at the Friday night meeting to the smell of weed brownies, In an effort to get people to remember reminiscing the sensation of forgetting, People perched around the oven spitting out facts about some apparent white widow,   The group each take turns boasting about how they have mastered the recipe in their …

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  • Struggling to sleep? Cannabis can help you.

    Hush little insomniac, don’t say a word, Evarínya’s going to tell you what she heard. If sleep time evades you, my sweet darlings, Then smoke some weed and see what it brings.   As humans, we spend about a third of our lives sleeping. It is a necessary part of life whose importance is often …

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    Her independence caused offence to men, She never winced, sat on the fence nor needed saving, Ran her house so well it could almost sprint, No blouse, just jeans and never skint, Made to feel wrong for trying to be strong, But only when judgemental, mentally weak come along, They represent the bleak as they …

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  • Sex and Cannabis Real Talk

    Here, at AMP Smoking, we like to focus on the empowerment of women. And what would a female empowerment site be without discussing sex and all its wonders?   Female sexuality is a topic that, like cannabis, has been becoming more and more discussed in both scientific and social communities. After centuries of the suppression …

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  • hustle, female entrepreneur, chaos, working hard

    The Barcelona Aftermath

    I want to tell you about the week I returned from Barcelona – it was dramatic. So much so, I didn’t tell you about it when it happened – in a way, I’m still processing some stuff. I got back from Barcelona exhausted yet satisfied. I had a nice time with my mum, managed not …

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  • 4.20 (Attack)

    Four-twenty, Lip biting plenty, Heart empty, Minds free, Maybe too free, Lemme check and see, Vision blurry, I panic softly, What can it be, What’s wrong with me, An attack hits swiftly, I inhale deeply, The feeling fades slowly, The crushing pain starts to flee, Refusing the cycle seems the key,   Relentlessly, gently, internally …

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  • Cannabis chocolate recipe

    Homemade Cannabis Chocolate Recipe

    As cannabis becomes more and more mainstream across the world, we are finding more and more edibles on the market. This means that smoking or vaping cannabis is not the only way to consume it anymore! This is great news for those who have asthma or those who hate that cotton-mouth feeling you get after …

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